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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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innocent. d.c. council chairman kwame brown apparently wanted a view because after the first luxury s.u.v. wasn't the choral he wanted, he got another luxury s.u.v. thanks to you, the taxpayer. with libya on the brink, so to are gas prices. the news edge starts now. straight off the top a winter weather alert. a snowstorm is causing problems in the midwest and coming our way. dozens of accidents on the roads in cleveland, ohio, despite fewer cars on the roads because of the holidays. will your morning commute be a mess? for the latest, we begin with sue palka in the weather center. >> i don't think it will be fun tomorrow morning, that's for sure. the good news is timing is in our favor. we will get the bulk of what is coming in the overnight hours and hopefully crews can get out
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ahead of the traffic to make a difference. here is what we are talking about on radar. not much to see. light rain but dropping temperatures. i don't know if you can see the yellow temperatures but it's 29 in hagerstown. some spots in the mid-20s across northern maryland. cold air is moving in. check out our viper radar. you can see beyond where we were showing you on the local radar, here comes the snow. snowing heavily across ohio and pennsylvania. that is all going to be sinking from south to north through the overnight hours. now, we do have winter storm warnings and we have winter weather advisories. a warning is put into effect and this goes into effect at 9:00, when five inches of snow or more is expected. winter weather advisory for lighter amounts. this goes for the district. a few inches expected. definitely heavier north and west. could be jackpot totals. we will get the bulk of it before the sun comes up tomorrow morning.
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a fast moving storm that will pack a punch on our area. i will show you the toll taliban when i join you. >> a lot can change overnight. >> wake up with fox 5 morning news for the latest. we are starting a half hour early at 4:00 a.m. now to a news edge exclusive. new evidence is raising doubt about a 26-year old murder case. seven men are still behind bars for the murder of katherine fuller in a northeast alley. it was a vicious killing. washingtonians won't soon forget. now the mid-atlantic innocence program has discovered information about the case that prosecutors never disclosed. paul wagner has that story. paul? >> reporter: the way police and prosecutors told it, katherine fuller was robbed, beaten, sodomized and killed by as many as 17 drug filled people that wanted her money. tonight the mid-atlantic innocence project says new
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evidence is raising doubts about the guilt of the men who went to prison. katherine fuller weighed less than 10 pounds when police say she was dragged into an alley october 1, 1984, robbed, beaten and sodomized inside this garage. the awful details played out in a trial that captivated the city. they were all convicted and still behind bars. but did they really do it? >> four of the six named witnesses at trial recanted their testimony. one is dead. one we haven't been able to find. the story they have told completely separately about the pressure that was on them to sort of no essence play ball in this case are all much more similar than the trial system. >> reporter: shawn has been looking at this case since 2011. it wasn't until the government turned over reports, photos and
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other material in december that she found information never given to the defense. a man with a history of attacking women was seen running from the alley. >> the witness in question had been a street vendor and was one of the people that discovered the body. the street vendor said that he had seen two people fleeing from the scene who ran through the alley. >> reporter: but the prosecutor never told defense attorney who the men were. the prosecutor, before trial, had three eyewitness statements one placing james mcmillen at the murder scene around the time the body was discovered, two acting in a suspicious manner, three fleeing the scene and 4 something under his coat. the prosecutor himself deemed this information relevant enough to pursue an interview with mcmillen. he never ex-included mcmillen's identity to defense council. he didn't turn the name over to defense because the witness said he saw mcmillen in the alley an hour and a half after
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the body was discovered. at the time of the murder, mcmillen lived in this house steps from the crime scene. nearly eight years later, just out of prison, mcmillen killed abbey mccloskey. she was sodomized and beaten. according to the notes turned over to the mid-atlantic known sense project, james mcmillen was never interviewed because he was about to be sentenced for attacking women and his attorney wouldn't allow it. so far, we have been unable to reach jerry gorman for comment. a d.c. superior court judge agreed to a hearing scheduled for next fall. >> we know you will stay on top of it. paul wagner tonight. the district new council chairman is taking heat for two lincoln nava gore s.u.v.'s. that's right, two s.u.v.'s with city residents making the payments. kwame brown wanted a fully loaded black on black l series. he didn't get the color
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interior some got another one. this is the same guy personally sued by three credit card companies for refusing to pay 55 grand in bills according to the "washington post." karen gray houston joins with us the latest on this. >> reporter: the leased price for one of those s.u.v.s, $1,941. the other $1,900. a lot of money. taxpayers are paying nearly $4,000 a month for those cars. we stopped by kwame brown's home in southeast to ask about this. he told us he is hoping to send the vehicles back. fully loaded means power moon roof, dvd entertainment system, aluminum wheels. the lincoln navigator we found had a sign in the window that says council chairman. $1,900 a month when the city is facing a 500 million-dollar budget shortfall. >> at no time did i know it was $1,900. i know $1,900 is unacceptable.
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people are struggling every day. i will do everything i can to make sure that this vehicle goes back. >> reporter: brown insisted he had no idea how much this vehicle costs even though his own personal lincoln navigator was parked in the driveway. he has been driving his new ride since he was sworn in as chairman. there was a rush to get the car near time and the first one that arrived wasn't what he wanted. >> the first one was black on white, white interior in the car. that, they said they ordered it wrong and they would send another vehicle and they did, they send one black on tan. >> still not what he wanted but he kept it. another $1,900 a month tab. vincent orange, currently running for the at large council seat brown left behind is outraged. >> exercise of poor judgment. the citizens today are demanding that kwame brown reimburse the city for the second vehicle. >> reporter: mark plat kin was
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stunned and had this reaction on fox 5 news at 10:00. >> he is spending this time in this mental energy on something like this shows massive insecurity as a human being and second what it does is this is miss ordered and misplaced priorities. >> reporter: but kwame brown says he will do the right thing and send the vehicle he has been driving back. >> i plan to take the car back to dpw tomorrow, contact the leasing company and see why we are paying almost $2,000 a month for this s.u.v. >> kwame brown says he is looking forward to getting out of both of the leases as soon as possible. he said the company that leases most of the district's official vehicles was supposed to be giving the city better rates. he want is to take a look all the district car leases to make sure the city isn't paying too much. >> karen gray houston. should d.c. residents have to pay 1900 bucks per month for
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kwame brown's luxury s.u.v.? text by voting yes or no. standard text messaging rates apply. a situation slowly escalating into a diplomatic crisis. an american is arrested for shooting two men overseas. plus -- 
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the u.s. government confirms an american being held in pakistan works for the cia, raymond davis, in custody since last month for allegedly killing two gunmen. he is a special forces soldier. he said he shot them in self- defense during a robbery attempt. the united states fears for his safety and has demanded his release. a news alert from libya. antigovernment protests are growing becoming much more violent. they spread to the capital of tripoli. moammar gadhafi is holding on to power but it's slipping. members of the military have defected refusing orders to
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shoot at processors. the protests in libya could have major impact on gas prices in the u.s. libya is one of the world's biggest oil producers and the largest proven oil reserves. a number of international oil and gas companies are evacuating workers and suspending operations while the unrest continues. >> bp is moving away from work that they were doing in offshore libya, that will have an imbalance of fact on supply and demand. >> gas is 3.17 a gallon for regular unleaded. some believe the latest turmoil could jack prices up to four bucks a gallon. thousands of military workers are coming to montgomery county. some say congress needs to step in to prevent a bad traffic situation from getting worse. 
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thousands of military workers are moving to bethesda. the traffic nightmare predicted years ago is about to become a reality. as fox 5 sherri ly reports, congress refused to cough up any money to improve the roads. >> reporter: even on a good day, traffic by the national naval medical center.
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>> bumper to bumper. if it's raining, it's like a parking lot. >> reporter: in september they will add 4,000 new workers, patients and visitors each day. >> it will be a mess. >> reporter: nearly six years after the defense department recommended merging walter reed and naval medical, not a single shovel has broken ground to handle the gridlock and pedestrians crossing from metro. >> purely a question of funding at this point. >> reporter: the chevy chase chamber of commerce worries the bottlenecks will drive away business without an infusion from congress. right now the state has enough money to make minor road improvements to turn lanes at several intersections. that won't even be done until 2014. >> we want to see a light at the end of the tunnel. as it stands it's a dark tunnel. >> reporter: congress failed to deliver on $300 million for transportation improvements in bethesda and virginia because of a technical problem in the
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bill. the president included 20 million for pedestrian access but that wasn't appropriated. >> if they don't, people will suffer here. it will be hard. it will be hard former chants in bethesda and people moving into these apartments. >> we are concerned, clearly and scared for what will happen in this neighborhood. >> reporter: shovel ready plans to improve intersections and create a pedestrian tunnel remains unfunded by congress. >> they have trillions of dollars in money. they just choose to spend it on other things. >> reporter: traffic is already failing. in bethesda, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> you got a lot on your plate. a lot would be concerned and wonder how this got ramped up so fast. over the weekend a dusting to an inch. now 8 inches. >> that will be in the north and west. ting a vigorous storm. rates of an inch an hour in
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central pennsylvania. we are concerned about a few hours of moderate snow fast and furious. if you tuned in last night or this morning, probably finding bigger numbers as the storm seems to be capable of dropping some indense snow quickly. the good news working in our favor, not much going on right now. we have light rain on radar. temperatures are holding near 40. the cold air is crossing the mason dixon line and the snow will soon follow. over to max hd satellite and radar you can see what we are talking about. these are the intense bans we are getting, especially in the brighter blues we are seeing up through pennsylvania where you see the changeover line. that is going to sink southward overnight. by 9:00, 10:00 snowing in the northern suburbs. if we have light mix here it will change over to snow. let's widen out the picture. the storm system is right about here through torn indiana. it will move quickly across the region and exit tomorrow
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morning. bottom line, we will know what we have by the time the sun comes up. most of this will occur in the overnight hours. we have a winter storm warning in the purple and winter weather advisory in the blue. these begin at 9:00, about the time we think this will get going until 7:00 in the morning. advisory means generally lighter amounts of snow. it doesn't include calvert, st. marys, southern fauquier, those counties are not in it. you will probably get a slushy mix. in the warning 5eu7b's or more including loudoun, montgomery and howard county. overnight snow will pack a bunch. this is what we are expecting the next several hours. light stuff between now and 9:00. temperatures steadily drop. overnight they head to the 20s. cold enough to keep this on the ground. the mix changes over to snow through the overnight hours.
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the heaviest batch between midnight and 4:00 a.m. by morning i think we will talk about snow showers left. several inches possible to the north. we will get to the accumulations in a moment. high pressure will be supplying the cold air and the area of low pressure will be driving through this cold air. so, that is why we think this will be a fast mover. down to the south it will be warmer. you won't have the problems. we were 55 degrees this morning and we are heading for the 20s tonight. a big drop off in temperatures. temperature updated to 39. hagerstown 29 degrees. plenty of cold air to keep the storm system moving. new york city 29. raleigh 67. this is what you will see about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. snow beginning north of the district. the sleet for d.c. south and the green, that is the rain. i want to pause it at 2:00. heavy snow. notice how much of the area is
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getting snow with the sleet and mix to fredricksburg. by 7:00 in the morning it's out of here and we will continue to have brittening skies but a cold day in the 30s. here is the bull's-eye where i think we will get serious amounts of snow through southern pennsylvania and into northwestern maryland. we will see pretty big totals. in the blue this could be a 6 to 9 inches including frederick, northern montgomery. in d.c., closer to 3 inches. some of the suburbs outside the beltway, 4, 5, 6 inches. 1 to 3 down south. we will keep a close eye on this and have a couple of live updates through the evening hours and keep posted. 34 tomorrow. not a lot of melting. we aren't done with warmer temperatures. thursday and friday, the next storm will be rain because we are back up to 60. definitely a march pattern. >> rain will get rid of
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everything we get tonight. >> it should. >> thank you, sue. i don't know about ryan zimmerman but there is another zimmerman that could have a huge impact on the national squad. 's rig
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last year stephen strasburg, this year bryce harper causing a ruckus. he took some swings knocking a few over the fence. not surprising, is it. one guy happy to be back is jordan zimmerman.
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he has been plagued by injury in the past. like strasburg, he had tommy john surgery in august of 2009. he returned to big league action 12 months later, threw 31 innings. he is so glad to be signing autographs and join his teammates for spring training. >> it's exciting. get down here and meet all the guys, first time of the year and get out and get drills done and it all went well. >> the all star break is over for the wizards. they will host the pacers tomorrow night which means the return of roy hubert. as for the game in los angeles, no defense was necessary as per the usual in the nba. it was the all star game. the earn conference starters joining lebron james for his ritual. the west showing off the give
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and go. an alley-oop that puts the west up 8. russell westbrook throws it down with authority. he put on a show for the home crowd. kobe bryant ahead of the pack dunks on the run. he wins mvp. west beats east 148 to 143. yesterday's daytona 500 seen on fox 5, on the third lap of the race, fans raising three fingers in the air to remember dale earnhardt and his number 3 car. 29th lap, hendrick motorsports, three of the four cars involved in a wreck. the 48 car needed lengthy repairs. 24 car was crumbled in the front and back. they finish in 27 and 28. to the final lap, have you heard of trevor bayne. he has the lead. he hold on to the victory. he turned 20 two days ago.
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he is the youngest ever to win the daytona 500. >> i keep thinking i'm dreaming. we said a prayer before and we pray a lot and we expect a lot of things but this shows how powerful god is. our first 500, are you kidding me. second ever cup race. this is incredible. >> today was the fourth straight day of nfl labor talks in d.c. both sides are talking to each other, they won't talk to the media until all the meetings are completed. we all must wait to hear if any progress is being made. the bargaining agreement is set to expire thursday at midnight. >> we have snow coming in. starts about 10:00. the latest at 10:00. news edge at 11:00. see you then. 
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